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to Russia

with love

We created Pride Dolls to show solidarity with Russia's LGBT community when the Kremlin passed a law banning all displays of "anti-gay propaganda" prior to hosting the 2014 Olympics. As bad as that sounds, Russia has actually classified homosexuality as a mental illness since as far back as 1999.

flavours of the  community 

Each set stands 7" tall,  3 1/2" round, and wrapped in a rainbow flag. It's embodied with a Queen and nestled snug within her depths are tasteful flavours from the community. The dolls are hand carved, naturally dried and hand painted, to ensure their pride stays vibrant for years to come.


it forward

Our mission is to help raise awareness for the inequality in Russia and all over the world, with an intention to end discrimination in sport by supporting the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association.

Pride Dolls are a positive display of LGBT rights and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is strictly coincidental.



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